the online yard sale

The life of an antique dealer is definitely an unique one.  Many times we end up with items that we consider to be "not-shop-worthy", because they do not match the style of the shop, or it is a project that needs work before it can be an "Ever After Product".  Still, sometimes we get them from family members, friends, or just an amazing deal that we just can't pass.  

As part of a lifestyle downsizing, we will be offering these items as part of an Online Yard Sale, offered for people that are Friends of Ever After and members of some of our Facebook Groups.  These items will be priced to sell and hopefully they will be sold very quickly.  Unfortunately, we cannot not ship these items; after you buy them in this website, you will be able to pick them up at the store.  Please give us at least 2 days from the date of purchase to get the item to the shop for pick up.  You may also be able to see them here and call Kim to bring them to the store for you to see it in person.  Just be mindful that because it is an online sale, we cannot put the item on hold..  If it sells while it is on its way to the shop, then we will honor the transaction of whomever made the purchase.   Like a yard sale, you may choose to call Kim and make an offer.  Let her know the number on the item, so she can see exactly which item is in question.  Just keep in mind that someone might also be looking at the same item.

Good luck and we hope that you encounter some great finds.  We sure had fun collecting these items and dreaming about their future, but the time has come to have less things in our personal life and more things at the shop.  We hope that their new home can give the love they deserve.   


Window projects

Way back in the day, we have found a huge collection of windows.  Many have made their way to the shop, but some need work.  Here you will find a selection of broken glass, missing panes, or frames with joint issues. 


Military items

From a family military collection, here you will find  military items that include ammo boxes, kitchen mess equipment, avionics, wartime electronics,  WW1, WW2,Vietnam War...  Shell Art (AKA Trench Art)...  Small and large items.  


Furniture projects

"This one just needs a coat of paint and will look fabulous!"  I think we said that sentence way too many times...  Furniture projects have a way to sneak up on you...  There is an inverse relationship between fabulous visions and space in a home.  Be careful otherwise we'll be building a webpage like this for you!